Well, that escalated quickly..

After weeks of researching modular engine combinations and a sneaking suspicion of my engines health, a new plan was hatched. After talking to my good buddy William Luketich, the decision was made to tear the 4V down and install a better rotating assembly. The new plan involves:

  • 2003 Cobra headsĀ [freshened, 5 angle valve job, shaved 0.010″]
  • 2003 Mach 1 intake
  • Diamond pistons [10.9:1 compression as advertised, Total seal rings]
  • Boss 302 rods [Clevite rod bearings]
  • 96 Cobra forged crank [Clevite H series bearings, ARP main studs/jack bolts]
  • 4.6 3V windage tray
  • Boundary Division oil pump with billet gears
  • MMR oil pan

Upon engine disassembly, William discovered a few issues that would’ve eventually ruinedĀ  the engine:

A blown head gasket!!

The fun continues

An exhaust valve was cracked and failure was likely eminent!!

The fun continues

These discoveries justified the rebuild, which I’m not excited for but is obviously necessary. The process will be slow but has the potential for greatness.

Also, the wife and I swapped the doors from Space Ghost to the Unicorn. This way the door locks will match the ignition key, the passenger window won’t fall off the track any longer and the paint is in much better shape. Hard to tell from this picture because it is very filthy. Also swapped in the HVAC box from the donor Cobra.

The fun continues

The fun continues



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