Who likes a good list?

My list, in no particular order, to just hear it run:

1] Square the K-member then nut and bolt check the front suspension & perform ‘mechanics alignment’

2] Bolt the tail shaft down

3] Install the engine power harness, connect the 02’s and install transmission harness

4] Rewire the fuel pump relay

5] Tighten the header bolts and the one oil pan bolt we apparently missed

6] Tighten fuel line fittings

7] Swap the Cobra ECU for the GT ECU, upload the start tune; mostly to keep PATS happy

8] Fill the engine with oil, fuel in the tank and engine coolant; leak test fuel system…

9] Mount CAI and MAS

Fire in the hole?? I should be able to at least hear it run for a moment, listen for weird noises and check for oil leaks. On top of that, I also need to acquire some bolts to mount the AC compressor and power steering pump as well as the accumulator plus both AC hoses. I’m not going to attempt to drive the car or even get it up to operating temperature until I can drive it legally. I need to go beat on it right away to set the rings since they’re stainless steel. Lol, this will happen with some mufflers nearly bolted directly to the headers because my foxbody 5.0 x-pipe needs to be modified to fit the SN95 4.6 Probably need to acquire some corner lights while I’m at it..

Now, hearing the damn thing run is all fine and dandy but there is MUCH more to do. My list, in no particular order, to drive the car:

1] Mount AC compressor, PS pump and PS reservoir

2] Complete PS lines, fill the system and…..bleed?

3] Install rear brake pads, fill and bleed the system

4] Install the driveshaft

5] Install the front sway bar + MM relocation kit

6] Connect the steering shaft

7] Car insurance?

8] Hope for the best?

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