The only constant is change!

The last time I posted was back in September of 2018. Since that time, there have been several key changes to Project Unicorn’s direction. If you may recall (if not, you can just read back a post or two to catch up) we were counting down the days to a first start. While function checking the electrical system, I discovered my SCT tuner couldn’t rear the ECU via the OBD2 port.

Vat ez fook?

As it turned out, there are differences between the Mustang GT and Cobra wiring harnesses. You cannot simply plug a Cobra engine/ECU harness into a GT dash harness and also use the Cobra ECU. Not without re-pinning the harness and running new wires where necessary. This could’ve been remedied by using a GT engine/ECU harness and ECU by lengthening wires for certain sensors.

Well, shit. If I had to go through that much trouble I might as well take it up a notch. I made the decision to rip the Ford engine management out and upgrade to a Holley HP EFI (HEFI) setup to facilitate future growth.

Massive upload 2019
Out with the old!

Massive upload 2019
In with the new!!
Massive upload 2019
Holley HP ECU
Massive upload 2019
Look Ma! No wires!
Massive upload 2019
Plug and play!
Massive upload 2019
So close, yet so far…
Massive upload 2019
In typical fashion, I decided to start the battery relocation at the same time.
Massive upload 2019
The constant scene at my house.

There is still much work left to do:

  • Finish connecting the HEFI
  • Finalize the battery relocation
  • Wire in the battery kill switch
  • Have brake calipers powder coated
  • Install upper, race shock mounts
  • Swap rear ends and LCAs
  • Fit and weld roll bar
  • Weld in torque box reinforcing plates
  • Weld in torque arm mount
  • Install adjustable rear sway bar

That’s just a surface scratcher!! To further update this, I need to mention that I sold my Jongbloed Racing Wheels. They were just too awesome and I didn’t want to cut my car up to facilitate their überness. So, I traded them for a stack of cash and a pair of 18×11 Enkei RS05RR wheels. The plan is to buy a pair of 18×10’s and use them for track day/autocross action. I also bought a set of Forgestar F14’s in 18×9/18×10 for street wheels.

Massive upload 2019
Enkei RS05RR
Massive upload 2019
Forgestar F14
Massive upload 2019
“New” front brakes!

This is current day, awaiting a trip to the have the welding work done:

Massive upload 2019

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