Task after task after task…

Took some time today to “finalize” the engine compartment side of the battery relocation and to also install the O2 sensor.

The ground cable from the trunk terminates at the passenger side engine mount.

I followed the brake line and took care to keep it away from the exhaust.

This needs no explanation..

Didn’t have the proper size heat shrink so I will revisit that never.

Terminated the positive cable to the starter.

Overview at this point:

Mechanical grounding point!

One of the biggest mistakes people people can make when grounding electrical components is not properly preparing the area for a good connection. This is done by removing any paint at the termination point.

What are are you looking at?

Ta da…

Its ugly but have you seen the rest of the car!?

This was my preliminary route for the 02 sensor wiring…

…but I ran out of tywraps! Another time..

Moving to another task…

Thankfully I was able to reinstall the HVAC duct because God knows we can’t live without AC in Louisiana

Such a cluster fuck!


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