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We’d like to welcome you to the online home of HANO Motorsports. Inside you will find development progress of our vehicles and after action reports from SCCA Autocross and open track events.

What is HANO Motorsports?

We are a grassroots level team based in southern Louisiana. We have a penchant for speed and a long standing love for autosports. We have recently become active in the SCCA CenLa Region and looking to further our driver education through NASA HPDE.

I’ve been asked many times what HANO stands for. It’s an acronym for Help A Newbie Out. We’ve always been quick to help anyone we could and that’s just how it should be amongst car enthusiasts. We wouldn’t have gotten this far without help along the way and the only way to pay that back is to pay it forward.


Much has changed…

I’ve made several changes to the car over the fall/winter so I’ll just make one big post to catch up. These aren’t necessarily in chronological order. Brakes! I’ve had issues with brake bias since day one. The plan was to install a Wilwood bias adjuster and tailor it to my needs. Before I committed to …

Motion Raceworks catch can install

Since last summer, I have made several meaningful changes and quality of life improvements to the car. One of them was a Motion Raceworks catch can. Previously, I had a pair of open element filters on the cam covers. This would leave an oil sheen on the cam covers and you could smell the vapors.