CenLa Autocross EVOC 10-30-21

We took the car back to the cones but this time it was a night event! My instructor buddy Brent Bravata co-drove it for the event and took first place in CAM-T!! He couldn’t stop raving about the car, which felt good. This thing is a rocket! He initially had issues with brake hop in the rear, which was mostly him not being used to the non-abs brake system, but he figured it out. This time out I was more aggressive but still need to work on exit speed between elements and that will come with time. However, his unbiased opinion helped expose some weaknesses in the brakes and we found the steering shaft contacts the header. We messed with tire pressure and found that 31/29 (hot) seemed to work the best.

My buddy William, who is also the man who built my engine, made the journey from Mississippi to see the car in action. He made some idle AFR adjustments for me while I was doing a course walk and the car seemed much happier after. Thanks, Sarge!

Brent’s first run of the night and I left the commentary. [NSFW]

My first run of the evening. Second time riding with an instructor but the first with someone else who has driven the car. This proved to be invaluable.

Brent tossing my buddy Lance around on this run was pretty funny! [NSFW]

Exterior footage of the previous run.

My fastest pass of the event. [NSFW]

Exterior footage of the previous run

This would’ve been my fastest pass but I punted a cone.

I’m not entirely sure which pass this was but here it is.

Brent’s fastest pass of the evening.

NMSP SCCA Track Night in America 10-21-21

We signed up for the SCCA Track Night in America event to put the Unicorn through the paces in an open track setting. If she dies, she dies. We started the day off by washing the car, setting the cold tire pressure and packing for the day’s activities. Gave the engine bay a visual inspection and set out on the road.

The drive to NOLA went well and took about 90 minutes or so. We signed in at the main gate and found a suitable paddock location. Next time, we will get there early and claim a spot under the covered area.

After tech inspection and a novice driver’s meeting it was time to take a few parade laps behind the novice group coach to see the line. “The telephone game” is what he called it but, unfortunately, I was towards the back and the message was lost.

After the other two groups ran it was time for the first session. I readied myself, a few cameras and the car then set out for the grid… Until I remembered to check the lug nuts at the LAST second. Purposely didn’t edit that out because it was a funny oversight and i wanted to share.


After the first session we had a debriefing with the group coach. After that, based on what the tire chalk told me, I made a tire pressure adjustment in the rear to see how the car responded.

CenLa Autocross EVOC 9-26-2021

We had a blast on the first outing with the Unicorn. The made me a corner captain, which was pretty cool. Made a bunch of new friends and was overwhelmed with advice. Even had to dodge a Miata that got lost. [#Corner4neverforget]

Run #1 – 58.759
Run #1 – Roof cam
Run #2 – 55.362
Run #2 – Roof cam
Run #3 – 53.566
Run #3 – Roof cam
Run #4 – 51.841 +1
Run #5 – 63.535 +1 “The dumpster fire pass”
Run #6 – 53.467 “Smoothest pass of the day”

I have learned a bit about the car and a bunch about myself. My plan is to make no adjustments to the car and to continue improving the driver.

Can’t wait for the next event!!

See you there??